Engage with Dr. Culver :
Engage with Dr. Culver :

Breast reduction

Breast revision surgery is a secondary breast procedure. It addresses desired changes in size, shape and symmetry of the breasts. Revision surgery can be complex, and a thorough understanding of a patient’s goals is critical to a great result. Revision surgery often involves removal and possible replacement of implants, removal of the scar capsule, lifting the breasts, and possibly the use of an internal bra for support. Dr. Culver will have an in-depth discussion about your prior breast surgeries and also your current aesthetic goals to determine an individualized procedure best suited for you.

Meet Dr. Abby Culver

Dr. Abby Culver is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specializing in aesthetic plastic surgery of the face, breast and body. She focuses on connecting with her patients to bring them personalized, patient centered care, individualized surgical plans and natural results. Dr. Culver’s goal is to help you become the best version of your already beautiful self and to ensure your highest level of comfort, privacy and trust.

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